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He's here... Loved it.

GirthyGrum responds:

thanks man

I think you did pretty good for your first animation, definitely better than mine lol. I rated you five stars because of my previous statement, but everyone always has some room for improvement, and I hope to see yours, so I'm going to follow you. Keep at it, and you will always get better as time goes on. :)

Awesomeboy9020 responds:

Thanks bro! i really appreciated :)

Good quality shit post

xXsquidwardXx responds:

wart is a shid post answer me NOW

This is awesome! I love the emotion and atmosphere, and also the comedy behind mickey mouse being in this situation, nice job man.

Thank you icyentertainment, very cool.

icyentertainment responds:

i know you are but what am i

I really liked it. I loved the colors and it had smooth animation. Good job!

I really like this man! I would say for advise, try to add more inbetweens. I would also like to say the audio has really good quality, and song was well put together; nice rhymes. :)

Stratini responds:

I didn't make the song lol, It was actually made by Gus Johnson. Thanks tho!

I'm not a 3-D animator, but I can see you can only take criticism from people who make a career out of this and who are experts. My biggest thing for you, is learn how to take constructive criticism. All I can say is keep at it, practice and listen to what people have to say because they may see something that you may not. Even if it seems malicious, try and take what you can improve from it.

DarkProjectWorks responds:

Far from it, I welcome constructive criticism. I've been doing this in my free time for many years, a lot of time and effort goes into it for free, so I will defend my work against those that want to bitch without backing up their own comments. There's been a couple on here doing just that. For instance, just because I've rated one of my animations adult and contains nudity, I've received extremely negative comments and a crappy rating. You look at their profile, and what do you know, it's full of hentai. It's silly things like this that show some peoples comments and ratings are complete bull.

Thank-you for yours though, I appreciate it.

I love this so much, I would really love to see this become a successful series some day and have a spot on comedy central or something. For something original, it's extremely entertaining and unique. 10/10

For something made in 2003, it was pretty cool.

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